AAA blockchain gaming: The future of entertainment in the Web3 space — AMA with Undeads

Mar 09, 2023 | wjb news

The growing GameFi industry has attracted the attention of the short video game industry, causing many brands to create distinctive blockchain technology games. However, while such programs are very popular, many new projects lack eye-catching game systems and the entertainment value of successful traditional games.

The upcoming blockchain technology game project Undeads is dedicated to high value, playability and fun, and is committed to bringing these urgent elements to the forefront of Web3 interior space. Jane Emile Sturson, Undeads's community director, will explain the groundbreaking new game project in more detail on AMA at 3pm on February 22nd at a time of global harmony.

Undeads adds a post-apocalyptic background to blockchain technology.

Undeads Metverse immerses players in a post-apocalyptic world where they face the choice of allies with humans or zombies. The game involves battles with zombies and human characters, which are represented as NFT, who fight for resources and territory. The site allows players to own, bet and forge the NFT of every zombie or person. The first NFT Drop is coming, and interested gamers can still apply for registration to add a public mint.

Origin: Undeads

NFT,NFT holders can breed "zombie children" and receive rewards based on matching male and female zombies. Subsequently, these new characters can help players fight for survival. In addition to breeding, players can also collect resources in PVP and PVE modes, create and improve their objects, and engage in trading activities. Players can also play the role of virtual reality vr entrepreneurs by building commercial services, industrial production or residential buildings.

New projects of AAA-level Web3 games

The Undeads fantasy world represents a subversive AAA survival game that is making waves in the blockchain gaming industry. This game, which has a team of more than 70 developers, introduces a new era of Web3 games through the implementation of the play-and-learn system, well-designed game rationality and first-class production value. The team has also established strategic partnerships with many film and television production companies, such as Warner Bros. Film and the world-renowned audio design company Wabi Sabi Sound, to give players a truly immersive game experience.

Undeads metverse has been manufacturing for the past 13 months, raising more than $5 million from private investment. The project has 25 in-game smart contracts, which have long been verified by K's successful financial audit as part of a comprehensive 360-degree network security strategy that works with security partner Redscan (Kroll's network information security unit) to provide a reliable game ecosystem.

3:00 EDT on February 22nd

Cointelegraph's Ask-Me-Anything phase will delve deeper into what customers want to know about Undeads, on Monday, February 22nd, at 3pm.

Viewers will have the opportunity to hear for themselves the views of Undeads community leader Jane Emile Sturson, who has many years of experience in the NFT industry and is now actively managing community-centric thematic activities within the Undeads team.

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