Bitcoin continues to ‘mirror’ 2017 as weekend sees third attack on $25K

Mar 01, 2023 | wjb news

On February 19th, with the close of a very important week, Bitcoin rose the $25000 mark for the third time.

Analysis of warning dolphin movement

Bitcoin touched $25038 against the dollar on Bitstamp, according to Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView statistics.

In after-hours trading, the duo continued to push an important level of support line-pressure reversal, marking the gradual development of a key friction resistance cloud involving several trend lines.

With everything going on before the close of each week, the atmosphere among traders is getting more and more tense.

"Sunday market prices are generally reliable only when they are close to the end of the day. In addition, I only hope that it will remain within its current range.

Analyzing the theme activities of Binance order information and testing the raw material index values of network resources, it is warned that high volume participants are still controlling futures prices by changing the level of bidding and pricing.

"the infamous Bitcoin buys the wall and moves again!" It was updated in a previous version.

"it seems that they are trying to push down their demand at a price. If he can attract enough customers to clear the stock for $25000, then there will be no friction up to $26000, there will be no friction up to $30, 000. I have no idea how much longer I can do this. I am very happy to cooperate with each other to obtain.

At the time of writing, uncertainty has quietly returned to the spot market, with UTC closing about six hours a week.

2017 shows that there will be "new actions" in the coming week.

In addition, the longer-term insights formed the reason for the trading module Decentrader to remain calm that day.

Comparing the current price behavior with the decline of Bitcoin in the previous four years, the company made up lies and, in fact, everything was done in accordance with historical time standards.

"the recent rise from $17000 to $23000 is in line with the trend around the 1000-day mark in 2017," the company wrote on Twitter. "

"prices fluctuated within 30 days and rose slightly, followed by large fluctuations of basically the same volume. If Bitcoin reflects the phenomenon of 2017 again, there could be major changes this week.

DecentraderCEO Phelps Phelps also stressed that $180000 is the "overall goal" for Bitcoin to rise against the dollar.

"I'll skillfully use Rational later, but it's a short way," he added.