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Cointelegraph partners with Phaver mobile Web3 social app

The partnership will grant the 200,000+ users across Phaver and other Lens-based Web3 apps access to daily Cointelegraph content.

Cointelegraph proudly announced a collaboration with Phaver, Phaver, a mobile Web3 social app with more than 140000 users per month. This partnership will take the form of applications that provide daily Cointelegraph details to Phaver users and others in accordance with the Lens agreement. Cointelegraph, the world's largest encrypted online media, believes in the birth of Web3 social media applications.

The collaboration with Cointelegraph is an important milestone for the Phaver and Lens agreements, both of which are responsible for the development and trend of Web3 to replace the current social media service platform. This is also a very important step for Cointelegraph, and Cointelegraph firmly believes that Web3 social media quality is a pioneer. PhaverCEOJoonatan Lintala said:

Cointelegraph posts have already been shared hundreds of thousands of times by our own users on Phaver, so we are really excited to submit this part through an official website account, so that everyone can easily track encryption and other key things.

Phaver's mission is to provide Web3 social portals, allowing everyone to browse social patterns on chains such as Lens without any wallet, while allowing encrypted indigenous people to choose and publish all posts and support chains, and to form their own credibility by showing all irreplaceable token property in their wallets. Phaver's in-use loyalty program will release dynamic passwords this summer to help the most dynamic users benefit from their jobs.

Phaver was created under the premise of the shot protocol, which is a Web3 social protocol that works in the chain of Polygon blocks. Lens allows users to create non-stored social media personal information without consent and have the right to use his social graph and specific content. This environment variable is essentially multi-application and can also be applied in various applications based on Lens, unlike the Web2 social service platform, where all application environment variables are the characteristics of building applications in the first place.

The Lens agreement operates in an environmentally friendly manner; its integration with Polygon ensures that every publication has minimum carbon emissions.

For additional information about Phaver, visit its Discord web server and Telegram channel section, or download the application free of charge through App Store or Google Play.

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