Crypto gateway Alchemy Pay scores license in Indonesia

Mar 17, 2023 | wjb news

Alchemy payment has been approved by the Bank of Indonesia and the local financial management company Berkah Digital Pembayaran for joint operation of remittance and fund transfer.

In announcing the news on February 27th, AlChemy Pay stressed that Indonesian financial institutions have worked together to issue licenses to BDPay, the platform of AlChemy Pay and Berkah Digital, so that the two companies can provide better payment methods and reduce related operating costs.

Fiat Motors to AlChemy Pay, a data encryption payment provider, has expanded its services in Asia with a new regulatory approval in Indonesia.

According to information from Indonesian bank clients, Berkah Digital has been listed as a payment service provider in the third category of license plates. The company is mainly known for its BDPay platform, which provides local and cross-border remittance services for retail and customer needs. The platform also provides customer payroll service items, and transfers are carried out by the bank application programming interface, and users can transfer money to 136 banks in Indonesia.

AlChemy Pay's digital currency channel is suitable for payments based on other regional mobile wallets such as MasterCard, Visa, Google Pay, Apple Pay and BDPay. To date, the platform operates in 173 countries.

Founded in Singapore in 2018, AlChemy Pay is the leading worldwide login password to legal payment platform, known for its strategic partnerships with login password industry giants such as Binance Exchange. The company also operates his utility dynamic password, Alchemy payment (ACH), which is sold on the etheric block chain. ACH is a key component of the alchemy payment Internet, providing transaction fees, Internet incentives and other steps.