NFT Steez and Victor Solomon discuss building in Web3 and the metaverse

Mar 15, 2023 | wjb news

NFT SteezHosts Alyssa Exp ó sito and Ray Salmond chatted with Victor Solomon about his journey as a bridge between his real-life artistic creation and NFT, and how he cultivated the community and culture that revolved around its aesthetics.

Solomon's work center is basketball-not only basketball, but also the sport itself. For Solomon, his work was inspired by the idea of playing hockey as a child. At that time, it was a fitness exercise that he could not get in touch with, but he finally saw basketball and unexpectedly found that basketball was more suitable for him.

Solomon said,

Basketball is such an inspiring service platform for me, if there are no obstacles to it.

According to Solomon, the core of basketball openness is "amazing things in common with everything that happens in Web3." throughout the program, he describes the interdependence he experienced in the process of creating VesselVerse, whose personal collection celebrates basketball in the online world.

Eliminate the difference between daily life and digital interior space

When asked to create and iterate the release elements in Web3, Solomon asked everyone to pay attention to the essence of "exciting" that can create things that don't exist in real life, like the "big planet in hollow basketball." He elaborated on the whole process of including physical elements in digital 3D rendering and generation.

It is second nature for Solomon to build a personal collection and a community to unite around them. His rich experience in the world of traditional culture gives her the same material structure of judgment, and he uses the same material structure when selling digital collections.

Solomon's VesselVerse digital personal collection, inspired by other new NFT projects such as Nouns, works in a similar way to his actual book, bidding for a "boat", or basketball, an hour.

In contrast to physical equipment or exhibits in the gallery, Solomon stressed that writing in Web3 gives participants and collectors a higher say in the direction of the work, rather than his participation as an one-off experience.

Release the cooperation in the community.

When it comes to Web3 and the illusory world, the fundamental principle of a successful project and ecosystem is to build communities around it and with it. Solomon describes how exciting it is to work side by side with a growing community, where different types of collectors enable an "open community forum to continuously browse, think about and take into account new project directions."

Solomon said that instead of avoiding the idea of opening up to the community, he accepted the more fragmented aspects of creating and opening communities in Web3:

"the attraction of being a founder is to unleash a good opportunity for everyone to make a sound."

For Solomon, the juxtaposition of Web2 and Web3 showed what he felt was a "scale opening". As he described it, the cooperative characteristics and "community spirit essence" that appear in Web3 are not experienced by him in practice, and have been "exciting".

The biggest test for Solomon at this stage should be continuing education in the ecosystem that may have experienced a poor part of the login password and NFT market. Even so, Solomon feels that setbacks are tolerated, because the prospect of Web3 is that any particular negative personal experience is much greater.

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