Flip the script:: This digital collection is making a real-world impact

Mar 23, 2023 | wjb news

When it comes to patent disputes or creative conflicts between large and medium-sized television networks and TV series producers, the service industry rarely sees monotonous moments. Very few studios and television networks have the vast majority of copyright, resulting in the large-scale production of welfare resources programs, and somehow they feel the same is true. Web3 hopes to change that by returning power to specific content creators and fans.

Jason Noironzo, founder and CEO of Effect Change, explains: "in Hollywood, there is a way." "everyone has their own agenda. I think it creates a true story and inspires others to become a better person.

Neubauer said that before the Web3 period, making a TV program required agreements with large Internet companies, which involved a lot of concessions at the creator level. Following the example of a network management, he mentioned the attitude of large and medium-sized networks: "everyone wants everyone to sign the most influential people." We'll pay for it, too. We are going to use all our staff.

Neubauer continued: "you even have to show the authenticity of your variety show information." This does not affect the value and meaning of change. For me, making change doesn't necessarily have to do with people with 10 million fans. It refers to ordinary people who have actually changed the world.

Through a series of deep variety shows, Neubauer cares about the concept leaders and influential people who have dealt with the problems affecting the streets around them, and tries to tell the true organic stories of doers. With the change in the way the power is handed back to the creators, I hope to create opportunities for our community to join the real world created by the show, he said.

Web3 gives creative freedom to program producers

Because Web3 allows specific content to directly win the strong support of fans on the community street, variety shows like "mood change" no longer need to rely on large networks and do not need to endanger his storytelling and imagination.

In order to meet and apply to like-minded communities, Effect Change collaborates with Solis, Solis is an ecosystem and digital collection sales market based on Polygon's Web3 system, creating a unique community experience for program practitioners and fans.

Solis works closely with content creators to develop and design participatory formula calculations to assist artistic creators and audiences to interact and share property derived from the specific entertainment content of films and TV programs. By enumerating personal collections to video-focused audiences on Solis Market, creators can increase profits and equity financing while maintaining creative freedom.

The audience has part of the specific content.

According to Neubauer, most NFT Drop can't stay hot and excited around the series after the announcement. This is the main reason why the impact shift is focused on creating a trend around the creation of team members after the announcement.

The impact shift has partnered with Miami artist Svitlana Gordienko to reduce the number of NFT with the theme of "Color Butterfly influence" for the first time. "it's a good sign that each of us is out of our own cocoon," Noironzo explained. " From the point of view of the founder of influence change, the first 222nd NFT is about people with higher ideas who try to make an impact.

Artist Svitlana (left) and influence change founder Jason Noironzo (right)

In order to create trends closely around integration, the impact shift will publish the theme of a separate event for each episode, with two types of changers or influential people. In that way, fans can choose to participate in the whole show at the beginning, or have a segment in each episode along the way. Neubauer added: "there will be a series of utility companies along the road, and they will add some happiness." Finally, we hope to share the improvement and benefits, and we hope to do this reasonably and legally in the right way, and be completely transparent to the community, which is because we hope to sign a contract with Solis.

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