Polygonscan went down, causing unwarranted concern of blockchain outage

Mar 07, 2023 | wjb news

Upgrade: the content of this article was updated at 11:45 UTC on February 22nd to show that the blockchain computer browser PolygonScan was not properly upgraded. According to OKLINK, Polygon has been producing blocks.

An outage of the web browser Polygon Scan created a fabricated conjecture that the Polygon blockchain was temporarily suspended.

On February 22nd, it was rumored that Polygon, the second-tier extension solution, probably suffered a shutdown after information from PolygonScan reportedly indicated that the blockchain did not resolve the block within an hour and a half.

The Polygon team later responded that this was mainly due to the inability of "many nodes" to synchronize, and the production of the blockchain was not terminated.

The length of the UTC is about 8:26, and many nodes cannot synchronize. This results in some nodes being unable to verify the block reflection for a very short period of time. A spokesman for Polygon told Cointelegraph.

"db block production never stops-but network performance is likely to degrade temporarily. This node is the same again, and the system software has been restored.

The spokesman said the elite team also realized that PolygonScan had long been turned off, but could also be replaced by practitioners.

"We are working with Polygon Scan to get it released again," the spokesman said.

Speculation that blocs are likely to be disrupted first emerged on 22 February, when some stressed that, on the basis of PolyScan information, block production was significantly terminated-this data shows that the last chunks and payments of the blockchain had to be processed at 08:35 on the night of 22 February, when global harmony was in place.

The Internet had previously suffered from Internet outages, last seen on March 11, 2022, mainly because one of the three layers of the Internet had to be maintained.

Polygon Labs, the login password company behind the Polygon blockchain, announced on February 21st that it would lay off 20 per cent of its employees, or about 100 jobs.