Accused Mango Markets Exploiter Wants to Keep $47M in Disputed Funds: Court Filings

Feb 17, 2023 | wjb news

Avraham Eisenberg, the login password trader, is seeking to preserve the money he allegedly sucked away from the DAO mango sales market in October.

According to a court document dated Feb. 15, Eisenberg claimed that she did not have to return any more than $67 million in tokens worth $114 million, which he obtained using cumbersome trading software.

The mango market is taking legal action to require the rest of the funds to be obtained, claiming claims such as fraud, misrepresentation and the return of unjust enrichment. It has also submitted temporary and basic restraining orders.

Eisenberg made up a lie, and DAO had previously confirmed it after reaching an agreement with each other. As a result, he is seeking to rescind the restraining order, claiming that mango should be required to submit a guarantee equivalent to the discount rate of the restricted currency.

The contradiction depends on the reasonableness and legality of the voting of the governance network passed by the mango sales market in order to get back some of Eisenberg's development and design funds. The mango lab, which means Dao in court, showed that the contract was invalid because the mango elector agreed to it under duress. The contract allows Eisenberg to keep the vast majority of his acquisition in exchange for immunity from his promise.

Its legal elite team shows that the argument for coercion is groundless and should be abandoned. In this case, the duel position may drive the presiding judge to assess the small details of login password regulation-a rare contradiction between intelligent guarantee law and actual law.

Eisenberg also faces legal action taken by the Foreign Commodity Futures Trading Federation (CFTC) on the grounds of stock price manipulation.