Bear Market Not Over Yet! Expert Hints Toughest Phase Incoming

Feb 01, 2023 | wjb news

After the scale collapse of the world's digital asset market in 2022, there was a mitigated rebound in January. However, with the market entering the later stage of the bear market, experts and scholars warned that the total market value of the encryption market has returned to the very important level of $100 million to some extent.

The end of the second stage of the bear market?

All bear markets are divided into three different stages. The first stage is called "release pressure", and there is excitement and greed in both sides of the market. At this stage, different types of descriptions are formed.

At this stage, the valuation of enterprises declined, and these enterprises did not terminate production or lay off workers. However, the second stage is unavoidable. The little story in the encryption market has declined, and the price of Bitcoin (BTC), the largest one that is similar to encryption, has dropped by 90%. Digital asset companies report all aspects of layoffs.

The worst has not come yet?

However, the encryption market has not entered stage/stage 3, which is called bottomless depletion. The authoritative experts suggested that this stage was not described, and the price of cryptocurrency would shrink sideways, and the market would become boring.

This stage is called a difficult part of the bear market. Because the main indicators will fall day after day, this year's period is too long for traders. Many investors may leave the market completely.

At the same time, the bear market is not to hone outstanding talents, and they are created to hone perseverance. Many investors leave the market, and those who stay in the market get rewards.

The world's digital asset market has declined slightly in the past day, reaching 105 million US dollars. 24h trading volume decreased by 10% to reach 50 billion US dollars

Bitcoin and Ethereum enjoy the recent recovery rebound. In the past 30 days, the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum have risen by about 40% and 33% respectively.