Ethereum testnet successfully forks in Shanghai upgrade rehearsal

Mar 17, 2023 | wjb news

The Sepolia test network of the Etherum blockchain has been successfully upgraded to simulate the upcoming Shanghai hard fork, which is scheduled to be carried out online in March.

On February 28th, the "Shapella" upgrade, which combines the names of the upcoming Shanghai and Capella forks, was successfully tested online.

Shanghai is the Fork name of the execution layer client, and Capella is the upgrade name of the consensus layer client. One of the key changes is to enable the validator to undo its marked Steth from the portal chain to the execution layer.

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The verifier must have 32 ethers (ETH) to validate on the Ethernet blockchain. They can now revoke more than 32 ETH awards and allow them to verify again, but those who expect a complete withdrawal can get all 32 ETH plus awards and terminate the validation.

The next step before the Ford focus in downtown Shanghai enters the main online line will be to announce the upgrade of the etheric test network, which is scheduled to be phased out in March.