How about the Lebit Mine Pool? What is the rate of Lebit pit?

Feb 02, 2023 | wjb news

How about the Lebit Mine Pool? What is the rate of Lebit pit? Generally speaking, a mining pool is a collection of individual mining machines, and then all of them provide computing power together. Finally, they get the benefits together, and then distribute the benefits according to a certain distribution mechanism. How about the Lebit Mine Pool? Now let's get to know the Lebit Ore Pool.  

How about the Lebit Mine Pool?

The beginning of Lebit Mine Pool is a private mine pool with the largest computing power in the whole network. After years of stable operation. Now, all miners are invited to the market to share the mining profits brought by their technologies.

The Lebit Ore Pool technical team comes from the Computer Department of the University of Science and Technology of China, the Computing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Automation. They have first-class technical capabilities and in-depth research on mathematical modeling, artificial intelligence, and automatic trading algorithms. The ore pool will automatically select the counterfeit coin with the highest profit, and then automatically trade LTC/BTC/RMB (Alipay) as required by the miners.

Miners choose the Lebit Mine Pool, so they don't have to work hard every day to toss about various counterfeit coins. The selection/mining/trading are all automatically completed by the mine pool. If there is profit, the ore pool will charge 2% of the ore pool fee (for counterfeit currency transactions, LTC/BTC/RMB (Alipay) withdrawals are free of handling fees). If the loss of the day is caused by some unexpected reasons (such as the price of counterfeit currency plummeting, bifurcation, exchange failure, etc.), the ore pool promises to ensure that the miners can at least get the theoretical income of LTC (0% of handling fees), and the loss will be borne by the ore pool itself. Therefore, for miners, as long as they dig in the Lebit Ore Pool, they will certainly get higher profits than LTC.

What is the rate of Lebit pit?

Lebit ore pool charging mode Common ore pool charging modes: PPS, PPLNS, PPS+.

FPPS PPS (Pay Per Share). The ore pool of this rate mode bears a large risk, but it can ensure the stable income of the miners. Even if the ore pool does not explode for a whole day, the miners can still obtain corresponding benefits;

PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Share). Under this rate mode, the income of miners is closely related to the actual number of blasting blocks in the ore pool;

PPS+: This is the combination of PPS and PPLNS. That is, the Coinbase reward for blasting blocks is settled by PPS according to the theoretical number of blasting blocks in the ore pool, while the miner's fee/transaction handling fee is settled by PPLNS according to the miner's fee obtained from the actual blasting blocks in the ore pool.

FPPS: that is, complete PPS. The theoretical blasting reward of the ore pool and the theoretical miner's fee/transaction handling fee in the past are settled according to PPS.

Lebit pit rate: FPPS 2.5%.

In general, the above content introduces how the Leibit ore pool is and what the rate of the Leibit ore pool is. I believe you will understand it after reading it. In short, when selecting a ore pool, you must see the transparency of the pool, because even if the pool provides various statistical data and indicators, such as the number of blocks mined per hour, the income of miners or the total hash rate of the pool, However, the fact is that these statistics have not been subject to open and fair review. Therefore, it may be doubtful that the ore pool itself will change its figures to improve its own efficiency.