Pharma companies team up with DeSci to accelerate scientific research

Mar 16, 2023 | wjb news

As a fitness exercise in the research community, the rate of progress of the blockchain Technology Science rationalization (DeSci) initiative can not be ignored even by large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer is currently the first pharmaceutical company to vote on the proposal of the decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) of VitaDAO, the French blockchain technology arm.

The partnership is part of a new fund-raising announced by VitaDAO at the end of January, which comes from development strategy team members, including Pfizer Ventures, Shine Capital and L1 Digital- and other long-lived enthusiasts. The $4.1 million raised also provided funding for new longevity research projects and accelerated the departure of VitaDAO's first biotech start-ups, with two coming online in 2023.

Alex Doblin, VitaDAO's community and concept butler, told Cointelegraph: "Pfizer is currently sending some of its own experts to the VitaDAO research community to assist in some research on ovulation."

DeSci has promoted a fast-growing ecosystem based on a series of new projects ranging from fragmented biotech charitable foundations to financing vehicles. Cao Tuan, founder of artificial intelligence technology company Genetica, which launched its San Francisco-based channel GenomicDAO on Feb. 19, explained that some inevitable trends in this field may include research and financial management platforms, scientific research crowdfunding projects, and the community of scientists and researchers.

This fragmented service platform is dedicated to building a community to promote and manage precision medicine initiatives dedicated to Asia. Its first subsidiary, DAO, has focused on stroke prevention, targeted treatment concepts and the development of ischemic stroke.

Stroke is one of the most common causes of disability and capillary death worldwide. The American Heart Association reports that there were more than 77 million ischemic strokes worldwide in 2019. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension in 2021, the prevalence of stroke in Asia is higher than that in Western countries.

GenomicDAO claims that combining the Internet of research teams, organizations, institutions, scientists and medical experts with artificial intelligence can reduce the time it takes to release new products from December to 18 months to April to June. According to GenomicDAO, community-driven initiatives have disrupted scientific and rational research:

In the precision pharmaceutical industry, product research and development by the core of a few famous brands in the industry, has actually completely monopolized the market. Monopolistic and concentrated pharmaceutical companies are equivalent to stagnating indigenous innovation; at the same time, they increase the gap in the provision of precision medicines to groups that mean insufficient.