Polygon Sets March Date for zkEVM Mainnet Beta to Go Live

Feb 17, 2023 | wjb news

Polygon is a new Etherum Scaling project that selected March 27th as the time for the launch of the Zero knowledge Ethernet Virtual Machine (ZkEVM) public beta moderator Internet.

In an online article, Polygon did not specify what will be included in the public beta version of the Internet, but the sharing elite team will also release more details in the coming weeks, and network information security is undoubtedly a top priority.

Zero knowledge (ZK) technology is regarded by many as an important improvement of blockchain and cryptographic algorithms, which aims to increase transaction speed and reduce transaction costs.

ZkEVM is a ZK summary, an extended solution that handles events more efficiently at layer 2 and then sends transaction management data back to the large and medium-sized network block chain-in this case to the Ethernet. ZK aggregates the use of "direct evidence" to show that a transaction has not been deceived and only shares a small piece of information about the transaction.

In October last year, Polygon launched its zkEVM test network, which launched an Ethernet VM virtual machine (EVM) to its ZK, allowing an Ethernet developer to migrate his smart contract from the main block chain without having to program again in a different language.

According to this article, since the launch of Testnet, more than 75000 ZK proofs have been generated and 5000 smart contracts have been launched.

In an interview last week, Mihailo Bjelic, co-founder of Polygon, told WJB that blockchain was still exploring ways to introduce ZK technology into its carbon chain Polygon POS chain.

Sandip Narval, co-founder of Polygon, said in an email for WJB: "Polygon zkEVM Mainnet will be the first complete EVM version of ZK to popularize, which represents a big step towards expanding the Ethernet and bringing Web3 to everyone." "the countdown officially begins."

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