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Tech companies enter agreement for ‘Japan Metaverse Economic Zone’

A group of prominent Japanese technology companies, including Fujitsu and Mitsubishi, came together in a new agreement to help advance the country’s metaverse sector.

The enthusiasm for virtual reality technology around the world is accelerating, and countries from all over the world are joining in.

In Japan, a country often associated with traditional high-tech industries, some famous technology companies were allowed to promote the establishment of the "Japan Metverse Economic Zone" on February 27th.

In addition to the establishment of Japan's virtual world economic zone, the agreement also aims to build an open virtual world infrastructure called "Dragon country", which will lead to the next wave of rapid development of the virtual world.

Such an open virtual world infrastructure will help create a means of interoperability for mixed development consumers and development teams. It will also serve as a new social development infrastructure for the digital transformation of enterprises.

According to the provisions of the agreement, the enterprises that signed the agreement will integrate the separate technical service projects and establish Ryugukoku. It mainly includes gaming teaching, Internet finance and its information and communication technology.

Japan's Metverse Economic Zone will be an ecological system, which will eventually lead to the interoperability between different virtual world services and service platforms available to Japanese customers. The agreement also mentions the "probability of providing such infrastructure to companies and government agencies outside Japan" in the future.

Japanese companies that signed the agreement include Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and TBT Lab.

Japanese regulators have been watching the country's financial technology industry. On February 1st, the President of Japan recognized the decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and the irreplaceable dynamic password (NFTs) as a way to support the government's "Cool Japan" development strategy.

However, the practical exploration of DAO as a special tool for remediation can be traced back to November 2022, when the Japanese data Agency released its own DAO.

Recently, the Central Bank of Japan announced its intention to release the official website of the Central Bank Digital currency demonstration site by May 2023.

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