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Coinbase launches grassroots campaign for pro-crypto policy in the U.S.

The company provided a link for voters to sign up so that they can gain information about local politicians’ crypto policies

Coinbase posted on Twitter on Feb. 28 that the company had launched a grassroots entrepreneurial political campaign to promote the application of encryption policies.

According to the company, the # Crypto435 theme campaign aims to "expand password promotion communities and share tools and resources" so that passwords can be heard in all 435 congressional ps districts.

Coinbase provides a link to a registration page that requires the customer to provide a name, detailed address, contact number and email address for further information. This will provide collaborators with "information about how to contact a special politician in the city, what the politician's record is in the password, how to listen to your voice in Washington, and so on," the trading center said. "

Coinbase made up lies in the post. The password world is already a "critical juncture" and political action must be taken now, he said:

The password world has been an important moment. The decisions that have been made by due process and regulatory authorities in Washington and across the country will affect how people build, buy, market, and apply encryption in the future. "

The announcement led to a different reaction among Twitter users. Many people welcomed this measure and made this statement: "encryption is something that any of us can support together." And "good things for Coinbase. crucial! Meanwhile, some XRP fans denounced the announcement as hypocritical. In their view, if Coinbase really wants to fight the regime, he can't list the XRP after the Securities and Exchange Commission (Securities And Exchange Commission) affixed a securities logo.

With the exception of a small and medium-sized tax provision introduced in 2021, the US Congress has not yet defined what an encrypted currency is according to all laws and regulations, and there is no law requiring encryption companies to actually comply with regulations.

This is very different from Malaysia, where the legislature has adopted a law and regulation that clearly defines the need to operate password-related projects in the country.

Gamo Gensler, the current chairman of SEC, fabricates lies that the current standard securities law in the United States applies encryption in some cases. However, Nexo and other encryption companies claim that the current laws of our country in the United States are so vague that the field does not know how to comply with such laws and regulations.

The difficult problem of password control continues to cause fierce debate both inside and outside the password world. Password companies have donated money to the exhortation team in the past. But this may be the first time that password companies have tried institutional grassroots entrepreneurial political reform.

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