Colombia’s legal system experiments in the metaverse: Report

Mar 16, 2023 | wjb news

According to a recent report, a Colombian court recently held its first legal and regulatory trial in the virtual world, and the court's presiding judge said it was indeed more accurate than video calls.

According to Reuters on February 24, the Administrative Court of Magdalena, Colombia, opened a trial in the virtual world on February 15 in a case involving participants in a traffic dispute.

The case took two hours, and a regional transport association filed a lawsuit against the police and will make a breakthrough in "part" of the virtual world. This ruling is also possible in the virtual world.

Participants took place as avatars at a virtual trial, with sheriff Elizabeth Quedios Triana wearing a black law gown.

Some have stressed that Colombia was one of the first countries in the world to test judicial procedures in virtual worlds, and Quinones told Reuters it felt more accurate than video calls.

Earlier, 69% of respondents felt that virtual worlds would eventually change social habits because of a new approach to entertainment and themed activities, according to a recent survey released by CoinWire on January 16.

Nien Haras, "The basic manual of business opportunities in the era of Metverse:Web3In an interview with Cointelegraph on January 31st, she said that the "physical line global" of the virtual world will be completed "in the next 10 years in the near future."

Hackl added that if one thing is taken into account, the way we make friends will be profoundly affected by the virtual world.

In January of this year, Davos also touted a lot of incarnation as feelings. The exchange session allows delegates to enjoy community forums in their 3D immersive experience digital conferencing system, known as the "Worldwide Cooperative Village".