Neal Stephenson on the metaverse: ‘It’s happening in a different way’

May 26, 2023 | Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr

Neil Stephenson, a post-90s writer, accepted a Cointelegraph interview at Paris Block chain Technology week in 2023 to explore a variety of themes and styles, including problems in the current Web3 ecosystem and virtual worlds-- a technical term coined by Stephenson in his book published in 1992.avalanche.

Neil's first edition of Stephenson Avalanche in 1992

According to Stephenson, many of the problems in this area at this stage stem from the need to "financialize everything too quickly". Stephenson stressed that many people see the goal of getting a lot of money and look forward to achieving it. This will lead to bypassing the necessary critical processes. The author explains:

You know, over time, financial companies are gradually breaking out of the existing market, these functioning companies, they are making money for everyone. Then, over time, people built banks or stock markets, and so on.

The editor believes that this behavior skips a very important part, that is, the first to create relatively stable economic development. Stephenson thinks this explains all the ups and downs in the sales market. Therefore, I feel that I am more committed to helping us create meaningful personal experiences. Then, the financial industry will take care of itself, but it is not easy for us to start with the financial industry gradually.

How did the virtual world evolve after talking about the technical term she coined in her books in 1992avalancheStephenson said that although his ideas about the development potential of virtual reality technology have not changed, the application of new technologies has made it different from his original idea. That's right, he explained.

I don't think I've changed much about what it might be, but technology has already affected it. Therefore, it is being produced in a variety of ways that I have imagined.

According to the author, the reason why people are talking about virtual reality technology is that professional and technical building blocks are available at any time. "We will have very cheap, high-quality 3D graphics, and we will have an amazing but free trial game production engine," he said. In addition, Stephenson explains that current network technology supports this feeling.

Stephenson also believes that one thing that has contributed to the rapid development of virtual worlds and Web3 is to be aware of all kinds of problems with Web2. "We should come up with a new way. And, yes, you need a lot of valuable work experience to make you widely understand this.