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Solana faces slowdown in block production, network restarted

The issue is linked to the recent network upgrade from 1.13 to 1.14, which slowed block finalization.

Solana Network suffered a slowdown in blockchain production on February 2nd. 25 after the validator software is updated. This event led to the termination of the sale, which in turn caused the verifier to downgrade the software and try to restore the network characteristics.

The technical difficulty originated at around 6:00 US time, causing verifiers to downgrade the version number to 1.13 in order to diligently resume trading on the Internet. However, the downgrade is not enough to restore Solana to normal operation and drive it to restart the network on v1.13.6.

Solana Enterprise's compass website stressed: "while updating the verifier software, the mass production of the network has slowed down significantly." Engineers are still conducting root cause analysis. "

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This issue is related to the upgrade from 1.13 to 1.14, which slows down the speed of db blocks. The Solana network is being restarted at this stage, and 80% of the active shares must be online to resume operation:

"as more verifiers restart, this number will rise in line with the total number of shares they have appointed: this means that larger verifiers such as CEX have too much impact on the duration of the restart."

Within hours of the situation, Solana's censors discussed a solution. Infrastructure construction service provider Chorus One stressed on Twitter that the incident "shows that the network is such a true blockchain technology." Chorus One then said:

"if it were not for all this argument, we would have recovered within an hour. However, every determination along the way-whether to downgrade, whether to restart rating, when to switch from downgrade to restart-has been debated. Online voting has appeared. In the end, it will take us eight to 10 hours to recover. "

Solana is a Layer-1 blockchain technology for open source systems. Its third-generation network architecture is designed to facilitate the establishment of intelligent contracts and decentralized applications (DAPP). The Solana blockchain was launched during the ICO trend in 2017. The development and test network of this project was announced in 2018, and then experienced many test network links, until the official launch of the main network in 2020.

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