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Solana outage triggers ballistic reaction from the crypto community

A community member argued that outages put decentralized finance protocols running on Solana at risk of insolvency.

With the renewed failure of the Solana Internet, members of the login password community expressed all kinds of concerns on social platforms, even generalizing blockchain technology with many projects such as etheric and county bitcoin.

On Feb. 25, the Solana Internet encountered a performance degradation problem, which led to the termination of the sale and sale, which led to the selection of verifiers to restart the Internet. Community members seem to be tired of repeating the same old tune, expressing their opinions on Twitter, and some even suspect that Solana is the top digital currency.

In the network instability, can not change dynamic password (NFT) artist Crypto Tea wondered how Solana block chain technology in the case of this performance problem in the top 10. He wrote on Twitter:

In response to this article, Solana Mobile developer McGinnispert pointed out that they chose "safety factors rather than popularity values" and stressed that they all existed for a long time. In response to Porter, another community member raised other concerns, such as putting piecemeal financing agreements at risk of failure.

Other community members have also begun to generalize Solana with etheric and county bitcoin. One member of the community noted on Twitter that Etay Fong focused on a slow but reliable route, while Solana chose to move forward quickly and sometimes promoted. The Twitter user said that although Solana's approach was riskier, it leveled the road for faster indigenous innovation.

In addition, an authoritative expert on BTC also pointed out that in the instability of Solana's network, Bitcoin never had to be restarted.

On February 27th the Solana Charitable Foundation released a new upgrade on the issue. According to the team, Solana Mainnet Beta successfully restarted on Feb. 26, with "no identified consumer transactions being pulled back or affected". However, the team noted that the main cause of the problem at this stage is still unclear and is still under investigation.

Over the years, Solana block chain technology has encountered some particularly noteworthy terminations. In September 2021, an important shutdown was caused by a denial-of-service attack by a robot spamming Raydium. In May 2022, intelligent robots invaded the Internet, causing the network to be interrupted for seven hours. In June 2022, an unsuccessful consensus due to a system vulnerability led to another power outage, leading to a drop in the price of the Sol.

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