Why can Bitcoin make money? Is Bitcoin's fixed investment profitable?

Dec 20, 2022 | wjb news

With the rapid development of blockchain applications, the digital currency market is becoming more popular. The price of Bitcoin has also continued to rise in recent years, and many investors have begun to invest in Bitcoin. For some newcomers to the currency circle, they are not familiar with the investment in the currency circle, and their understanding of the special currency is not very deep. Therefore, they may be at a loss in the choice of investment methods. Many investors also find that there is a fixed investment in Bitcoin, but investors who do not know much about this type of investment method dare not try it easily. Then, let's take a look at why Bitcoin can make money and whether the profit from Bitcoin is high.

Why can Bitcoin make money?

Fixed investment, as the name implies, invests spare money into the currency circle on time. Most of the time, it only saves but does not take. It looks for suitable opportunities to harvest uniformly. Fixed investment has solved the three problems that retail investors will lose money, so they can make money.

First, fixed plans enable us to avoid human weaknesses and anxiety information. You can completely ignore all kinds of messy information in the currency circle, let him blow the wind and waves, and I will walk leisurely.

Second, fixed investment is the application of the greatest advantages of individual investors to organizations and dealers. No matter how powerful the organization is, there is pressure to make achievements every year. We have plenty of time, which is the most organic area we can use.

Third, enjoy the dividends of blockchain development. I believe that no matter how rough the market is, the dividend period of the currency circle has just begun, and the next wave of real big profits may come in 21 or 22 years. Therefore, in theory, the currency circle is a big bull market with a big cycle, and fixed investment can enable us to catch up with the dividend period of the blockchain!

Fourth, the characteristics of the currency circle are very suitable for fixed investment. In the traditional financial system, there is a very obvious law of fixed investment: the greater the fluctuation, the better the fixed investment effect of the index.

Therefore, the significant average cost of the subject matter with large fluctuations can be lower when making a decision. The currency circle is the financial system with the most ups and downs at present!

Is Bitcoin's fixed investment profitable?

First of all, we have to say that fixed investment is a good strategy. On the one hand, we don't need to consider entry opportunities too much, and on the other hand, we can ease the fluctuation of investment, which can be regarded as a convenient and safe choice. For volatile investment products such as individual stocks, funds and gold, many people choose fixed investment strategies.

What is more gratifying is that some people have done a feasibility test on the fixed investment of Bitcoin. The experimental method is very simple. From March 11, 2015, 1000 Bitcoins will be exchanged every week. By December 16, 2015, the profit had reached 83.3%, while Bitcoin had increased by 65% over the same period. The fixed investment was better than the currency price.

However, the fixed investment is not foolproof. The fixed investment in Bitcoin will also lose money. Some people may attribute the reason for the fixed investment loss to their weak willpower, just like the fixed investment in funds, gold and individual stocks - they can't stick to it.

But in fact, the weak willpower is only the superficial reason, and the deep reason is that you don't know what you are doing, so you can't insist on owning it. If you use the currency circle, you are lack of faith.

Many people may not admit this. I originally liked Bitcoin very much. Speaking of Bitcoin, it is the future and has potential. But in fact, I don't understand the principle, operation and development of Bitcoin.

Therefore, once the price rises by 30% or falls by 30%, they will not be calm, or they will be thrown off the car or come up with chips at a low price.

It's strange that we can persist in this way. It is also a reason that many people still lose money in fixed investment funds. Because they do not understand, they do not have certain faith in the future market of funds, which makes it very common for fixed investment to start in a bull market and end in a bear market. Finally, it is still affected by price adjustment.

Speaking of this, I believe that you have a certain understanding of why Bitcoin can make money and whether the benefits of Bitcoin are high. In general, Xiao Bian also reminds investors that they should never make a fixed investment without knowing Bitcoin. Such investors may make money, but not too much, because the limitations of your cognition are there. In fact, the fixed investment is also equivalent to holding Bitcoin for a long time. However, from the current perspective, there are too few people who can hold Bitcoin for a long time.