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Cointelegraph Markets Pro delivers alerts for 113% gains from 5 trades in the face of 10% BTC drop

Cointelegraph Markets Pro’s latest VORTECS™ Report reveals the advanced indicators members used to realize outsized crypto market gains.

In Cointelegraph Markets Pro's latest VORTECS ™statement, the organization-level password trading site revealed how its team members made a total profit of 113% by making five transactions based on three different top-level quantitative indicators. The report describes the trading alerts generated during the period from 5 to 10 March 2023.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro subscribers can reap potential gains that far exceed simple buy-and-hold strategies over the same period, the latter of which will result in 10 per cent damage to BTC holders.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro uses data such as VORTECS ™Score, NewsQuake ™, and Tweet Volume to provide instant alerts to subscribers. The previous three reports included alerts that the total return exceeded 100%, indicating that this cutting-edge login password intelligence service platform can create a winning trading opportunity every week.


Everipedia (intelligence)-20% return

Often the best performers quickly and fully recover from the collapse in the sales market during the week. On March 12th, a series of strong VORTECS ™scores reached 92, suggesting the prerequisites for subscribers to increase dynamic passwords. When the red light flashes, the price of the asset is $0.005, but only eight hours later, the price will jump to $0.006, an increase of 20%!

IQ is the original sign of Everipedia, and Everipedia is an informational knowledge platform based on the application of blockchain. OTP supports all programs and processing steps on the platform.

News report Quake ™

Liquidity (LQTY)-38% revenue

In particular, NewsQuake ™reminds subscribers to pay attention to property before stable income. On March 9th, a ™called NewsQuake posted a message informing subscribers that Crypto.com will sell LQTY. When it was revealed, LQTY traded at $1.86, but then soared to a final peak of $2.56 on March 13. This is also an increase of 38%!

Monkey League (MBS)-up 29%

On March 3, NewsQuake's ™reminded Cointelegraph Markets Pro subscribers that Monkey League was collaborating with IndiGG, a decentralized autonomous organization for Web3 mobile games. A week later, the price of the loan coin MBS in the Monkey League game increased by 29%!

MBS is a loan currency to promote Web3 football game Monkey League. The function of tokens for games can be obtained by playing games.

Tweet sound

The tweet statistics measure the level of activity on Twitter, a social platform for a project. The reason behind the use of products is that widespread group-driven discussion sometimes promotes property prices to rise or fall.

Kava (Kava)-31% increase

Kava ranked second in the list of tweet transactions on March 8, with an average of 370% higher than the typical 30-day average. At that time, it traded for about $0.80, but only five days later, its price soared to $1.05! In a volatile market environment, this is an impressive 31% increase.

Loom (loom)-increase by 17%

On March 7, looms existed on both tweets and turnover lists, with the total number of tweets rising by 243% and trading volume by 337%. At that time, the price of tokens was $0.06, but only 10 hours later, the price rose to $0.07. This is also an increase of 17%!

Cointelegraph Markets Pro is still making gains in this volatile market.

For six days from March 5 to 10, Cointelegraph Markets Pro had the power to alert Alpha to traders, despite poor sales conditions. As often discussed in the introduction, BTC fell by 10% during the warning period listed on the wall.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro has been delivering goods for more than a year. The site's best indicator, the NewsQuake ™Index, brings an impressive 120 times the average historical time return.

This means that if you buy and hold every NewsQuake ™alarm for an hour, you only need a starting price of $1000 to get a profit of $120000.

Don't forget that the average Markets Pro customer receives four momentum-driven alerts a week, regardless of his level of perception or the industry as a whole.

Know how Cointelegraph Markets Pro can give information that harms the market trend before this information is made public.

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