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CZ responds to Forbes claims, and Solana goes down again — Watch The Market Report live

On this week’s episode of The Market Report, Cointelegraph’s resident experts discuss the recent concerns surrounding Binance and why Solana went down yet again.

In a market analysis report this week, Cointelegraph's resident pundits discussed the recent fear, variability and suspicion (FUD) surrounding the popular cryptocurrency trading hub Binance, and how the CEO of Solana felt about the recent power outages.

With this week's headline news gradually

The chief executive of Binance responded to Global Forbes: "I have no idea how the trading center works."

After the collapse of FTX, Forbes around the world published an article that closely followed the recent asset shift in Binance's cryptocurrency trading center. But the next day, Zhao Changpeng, co-founder and CEO of Binance, responded on Twitter. Our own authoritative experts measured what CZ said and what the FUD that surrounds Binance is. If you are a consumer of Binance, should you be worried?

The CEO of Solana recovered the Internet outage caused by the online vote on the chain.

Anatolyako, founder and CEO of Solana Lab, denied that Solana's Internet outage was caused by a lot of verifier information and chain voting software blocking the consensus layer. Although the Solana Charitable Foundation confirmed in a Feb. 27 post that the "immediate cause" of the recent 20-hour Internet outage was still unclear, the chief executive answered outside speculation that Solana's decision to include chain voting in the business was a "very big design problem" that led to several interruptions. Everyone analyzed in depth why Solana had so many problems in the past, and did so again. Some responses from the password community to recent Internet outages were also checked.

The login password instructor was annoyed at the idea that Gensler's login passwords were all securities.

The cipher refutes the claims of those responsible for US regulators, the latter of which claimed in a recent interview that all cryptocurrencies, with the exception of BTC (BTC), belong to securities under their jurisdiction. In a general interview with New York Magazine magazine on Feb. 23, Gary Gensler, the current chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (commonly known as SEC), discussed encryption algorithms, declaring that everything except BTC falls within the agency's purview. Gensler is likely to claim control over login password units, but unfortunately for him, fortunately for the rest of us, his views are not laws and regulations. Our own experts gave their fair and impartial advice on Gensler's message.

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