Car makers, fashion giants and pet food brands seek Web3 trademarks as 2023 rolls on

Mar 20, 2023 | wjb news

Despite the general downturn in the relevant market, the trademark applications of overseas companies do not seem to have slowed down, including Web3, data encryption, irreplaceable dynamic password (NFT) and illusory world.

In February, when it was coming to an end, General Motors (General Motors), Laco Ste and Walmart were actively occupying their own turf with Web3-related trademark applications. January is also a busy month.

One of the latest NFT-related applications involves vehicle giant General Motors, which filed two new trademark applications on Feb. 16, including its Chevrolet and Cadillac brands.

According to the filing, the company is interested in downloading free digital media files, including personal collections of art treasures, text and audio videos, which have been verified as irreplaceable dynamic passwords.

A day later, on February 17th, French clothing giant Laco ste filed five trademark applications for the Champs Elysees. This application process describes plans for NFT, login password software, fake clothing, virtual goods stores and virtual real estate services.

In early February, USPTO trademark application designer Mike Kondoudis shared on Twitter that overseas retail company Wal-Mart had submitted a trademark application for the name and logo of "SamsClub".

The retail giant announced plans to launch NFT, blockchain software, virtual reality technology, health care, cryptocurrency transactions, brokers and financial information services.

January is no different. Pet feed company Pedigree, commercial insurance company Nationwide, Spanish winemaker Jameson, French fashion giant Yves Saint Laurent, and even the National Geographic Society have submitted Web3, NFT, Metverse and login password related trademark applications.

Kondoudis told Cointelegraph last month that the trademark application is "a reliable data signal that plans to use the registered trademark for the products and services listed in the application in the future."

In addition, the intellectual property lawyer stressed that despite the stock market bear market, the total number of trademark applications for new products related to NFT, virtual reality technology accounts and passwords reached a record in 2022.