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Do ‘Ethereum killers’ have a future? Here’s what the crypto community says

While many of the arguments support Ethereum, some argue that things can still go south for the network.

The incessant closure of one of the hottest blockchain technologies that could replace the Ethernet network has sparked a discussion among community members about the future of those under pressure known as "Ethernet killers".

A member of a digital currency community forum on Reddit opened a conversation about etheric killers and questioned their level of success in the current login password interior space. According to members of the community, these people who are called ether killers are unlikely to succeed because they cannot be taken in the same way as the ether.

In addition, members of the community make up lies that even if a chain is getting faster and faster, the total market capitalization of ETH is very high. As a result, the login password customer felt, "No ETH killer will really kill ETH."

Many members of the community have also joined in to express their views on this difficult problem. From emphasizing that the so-called ETH killer did not keep his promise, to proposing to abandon the word "ETH killer" completely, members of the cryptographic community discussed the future development of the ETH killer.

One community member thought, "there is no such thing as an etheric killer." The Reddit customer felt that only the Ethernet and the rest of the network would struggle for the remaining market share of the first tier.

One Redediters felt that the word ETH killer should be removed. After all, in this place, "ETH is already unshakable." The community member felt that although ETH could still be ousted, it could not be erased. "at any stage, the entire industry will have to be wiped out, which is simply impossible in applied statistics," they wrote. "

Although many views are applicable to the ether, some people still feel that the phenomenon of the Internet is likely to get worse and worse. One community member said it was absurd to think that ETH was "never unsuccessful". The Reddit customer feels that the choice of ETH does not mean that it is beyond doubt, because many people think that the field is still in its infancy. They added:

"if this is not the case, it is too early to be absolutely certain today, or it is over and it is no longer too early for us."

When others contributed serious factual arguments to this discussion, some people joined in, adding a touch of wit to this somehow intense online debate. One community member posted that "the ether is the real ether killer," while another said, "nothing that kills the ether will make the ether better."

Not long ago, Solana, one of the best-known etheric killer blockchain technologies, had another problem with its network. On February 25, Solana suffered a slowdown in blockchain manufacturing, causing the network to restart. This incident led to all kinds of termination of client trading transactions. The issue caused outrage on Twitter, with some making fun of the network, calling it a "buying and selling killer".

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