‘Liquidity’ has most affected Bitcoin’s price in the last year, according to trader Brian Krogsgard

Mar 21, 2023 | wjb news

Cointelegraph'sLogin password trading tipsThe podcast has already released its sixth episode, including a series of details that will inspire interest among cryptocurrency traders. Today's variety show guest is Bobby Krosgaard, who is also known as the Ledger situation on Twitter. Krosgaard is a trader and one of the founders of Flip.xyz, an irreplaceable dynamic password (NFT) service. He is also a podcast in the password area.

In an audio broadcast on Feb. 16, host Benjamin Pyrus asked Krosgaard what he thought had a big impact on the price of BTC over the past year. He responded: "liquidity."

People do not have extra liquidity, there are many factors. They have bankrupt counterparties, which may drive them to lose money. He glued the coin to the bankrupt area. Lost a good chance to touch them, lost in the investment, lost because of taxes, no matter what.

"it's all a test of mobility, and we need users who are known to be healthy to provide mobility, so it's also a test," he added. There has been an important upheaval in this area in 2022 when the bear market of the login password stock market was out of control. Several digital currencies are poorly managed, including login password trading center boss FTX and so on.

"in fact, the Bitcoin problem came up long before that, as long as we saw a large-scale bitcoin remortgage on FTX," Krogsgaard added. According to Investopedia, "remortgage" means that the physical line uses the customer's collateral for other thematic activities. The collapse of FTX in November 2022 caused a lot of headlines, such as FTX and sister entity line Alameda Research, which were accused of misusing customer property.

As a result, Bitcoin people feel that the bitcoin they have in FTX is not there, and that FTX is selling it for something else. Even in a bull market, this kind of remortgage is actually pressure on the price of bitcoin. Now we have a liquidity problem, which has always been a burden on price and added to the test for a year or more.

Krosgaard brought his thoughts and thoughts on several other aspects in the show, and mentioned its environment.

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