A Twist In XRP Lawsuit Summary Judgment?

Jan 31, 2023 | wjb news

The victory of Ripple, the loss of digital currency, or the mediation between the US Stock Exchange Commission and the defendant, every data encryption enthusiast is waiting for the result of XRP's long-term lawsuit. However, a lawyer who participated in XRP litigation indicated that the judge might reject two simple decisions of the appeal.

XRP litigation is entering the jury trial?

Robert Deaton, who means XRP holder (friend of the court) in Ripple lawsuit, indicated that the argument of the United States Stock Exchange Commission closely surrounding the company may be a focus here. He added that Judge Analisa Shevchenko could deny the simple sentence on this particular argument.

This may cause the judge to clear up the real problem of the actual truth in comparison with the appearance of the same company. However, the lawsuit between SEC and Ripple will be tried by jurors. At the same time, it is still difficult to predict the conclusion of the analysis until the other basic evidence of the factual evidence under Article 56 is exposed.

XRP lawyers noted that the commission's charges were unconstitutional because they expanded Howell detection to an unrecognizable level. However, when the SEC replied to the Mandamus writ in the XRP lawsuit, it allowed that the people's court would decide whether the Commission's theory was valid.

Does the SEC care too much about tokens?

In the last behavior link, Deaton mentioned that the application of Howell detection is not difficult to analyze. He added that lawyers participating in Crypto litigation and regulatory policies must let regulators and judges stop caring about tokens. However, the lawyer indicated that the dynamic password itself was irrelevant to Howey's analysis.

It is reported that the SEC Commission Hester Pierce accused other senior officials of excessive concern about tokens.