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Blur founder Pacman puts the NFT marketplace war into perspective

Blur founder Pacman is hopeful that the major NFT trading applications will soon find a middle ground and cooperate on creator royalties.

In the programSettle this matter once and for allPacman, the founder and core enabler of the NFT market Blur, discussed with Elisha Owusu Akyaw how Blur can attract the attention of the NFT market.

The fashion trend of the NFT ecosystem changed in December 2022, when the new NFT market surpassed OpenSea and became the most traded NFT trading platform. Pacman describes this as similar to the rapid development of the general token market.

He explained that Blur has created a market that puts technical and professional traders first, a fashionable platform that does not cover the unpopular market, and which gives priority to an easy experience to attract newcomers. According to Pacman, this type of platform is the best choice to focus on making Blur the "fastest-growing subdivided market" in the NFT industry.

The NFT market has been accompanied by a wave of new popularity, issuing tokens that are distributed to communities based on airdrops. Pacman made up lies, tokens are necessary to give the community direct access and a platform.

This is also one of the things that really excites us builders in Web3. After all, in Web2, there is a very clear platform and end-product users, and generally speaking, they have some antagonistic relationship. End users actually have no control over the platform.

Another hot topic in the NFT industry is the royalty problem of creators. This has led to differences among various NFT platforms in ensuring that creators receive royalties. OpenSea and Blur, two key platforms, use this system software, and you have to choose one of the locations to place a new collection. According to Pacman, Blur has stipulated that creators block OpenSea to earn royalties as a short-term solution, which will lead to a more uniform approach in the future.

Any of the questions discussed in this episode include:

  • Blurred VS OpenSea
  • NFT liquidity
  • NFT creator royalty
  • Fuzzy identification and tagging genomics
  • Investment Model of NFT Market

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