French police arrest 2 people in connection to Platypus attack

Mar 16, 2023 | wjb news

Police in France have arrested two suspects in connection with the use of $9.1 million worth of Platypus and seized the use of digital currency worth 210000 euros, according to the local government.

Platypus indicated that the investigation and analysis leading to the arrest was strongly supported by the chain probe ZachXBT account and password trading center Binance. On February 16th, the same cyber attack carried out three different types of flash attacks, destroying piecemeal agreements.

This attack led to the theft of many relatively stable coins and other digital currencies. The first siege led to the theft of about $8.5 million in property. In the second accident, about 380000 of the property was improperly sent to the AAVE v3 contract. As a result of the third siege, about $287000 was stolen. The siege caused the platypus dollar (USP) stable currency to be pegged to the dollar.

Platypus recently confirmed that the perpetrators used lightning loans to explore a logical error in the USP capital adequacy check mechanism in collateral ownership. The actual operation of relatively stable swaps has not been affected.

The lightning attack is the same as that used by Avi Eisenberg, the Qingmang market explorer, when Eisenberg claimed to be responsible for controlling the price of Mngo coins in October 2022. After exploiting vulnerabilities in the system, Eisenberg made it clear that "all our own actions are reasonable open market operations, using well-designed agreements." Eisenberg was arrested on fraud charges in Puerto Rico on December 28th.

On February 23rd, the platypus announced a plan to return funds to affected customers. According to the agreement, 63% of the funds from the main pool will be refunded within six months. According to the plan, it is suggested that the frozen stable currency may result in 78% of the funds being withdrawn. The agreement stresses: "if the comments we submitted to AAVE are approved and Tether confirms the USDT that prompts Frozen Jie, we will be able to get back about 78 per cent of consumer funds."