Montana’s ‘right to mine’ crypto bill moves closer to passing as law

Mar 12, 2023 | wjb news

Under a digital currency mining rights bill, the Montana Senate would ban discrimination against miners with access codes, which turned out to be too close.

The proposed law would grant "the power to extract digital currency" and forbid deductions of "differential treatment" electricity charges from data-encrypted miners, maintain mining "at home" and take away the right of the local government to use system zoning laws to block data-encrypted mining operations.

It also forbids data encryption as a form of payment to levy additional tax rates, and regards "digital currency", including digital currency and irreplaceable dynamic passwords, as "property" along with other financial products such as stocks and bonds.

The bill was approved by a public vote of 37 to 13 in the state Senate on February 23 and will be submitted to the U.S. House of Representatives for approval. If the bill is still there, the final step will be to become a law through the signing of Mayor Greg Jenford, who can also choose to negate the bill.

The bill outlines Montana's expectation of "the right to maintain mining landing codes" and to "create predictability of laws and regulations" for miners, as mining "brings proactive economic benefits" and may "stabilize the power grid. Benefits for infrastructure updates".

The bill is to be written with the support of the Zhong Zhi Behavioral Stock Fund, a persuasion team that applies BTC (BTC).

Dennis Porter, CEO of the advocacy group, told Cointelegraph in an interview in January that Montana leaders had already used the system zoning method to try to drive miners away and determine higher utility charges for miners' work.

In April 2019, Missoula County, Montana, was required to work in light and heavy industrial areas, while requiring miners to use only renewable resources. Generally adopted, this law and regulation will overthrow the system zoning rules of a county.

In early February, the Mississippi Senate passed a similar bill to protect miners from discrimination, and is submitting the bill to the state's U.S. House of Representatives.

In addition, Michigan's Digital currency Mining Protection Act, which aims to protect the rights of data encryption miners, was submitted to the state legislature in mid-late January.