Solana CEO hoses down claims network outages caused by on-chain voting

Mar 17, 2023 | wjb news

Anatoly Yakovenko, founder and CEO of Solana Labs, denied that Solana's network outage was caused by a lot of validator information and chained voting software blocking its consensus layer.

Although the Solana Charitable Foundation confirmed in a post on February 27th that the "immediate cause" of the recent 20-hour outage was still unclear, the CEO answered outside speculation that Solana's decision to include chain voting in the business was a "very big design problem" that caused several interruptions.

Twitter user DBCryptoX posted a controversial post on Feb. 27, a few days after Solana's network was disrupted, claiming that a large number of verifier information and chained online votes blocked the network.

However, in 20 minutes, Yanke's literature and history category clarified the facts on Twitter, calling this view a "simple lack of knowledge."

To put it simply, he explains, online voting-which is also part of a "single super-large membership"-helps and provides "unparalleled security standards, high throughput and high cost".

However, the Accor literature and history category does not specifically refute DBCryptoX's claim that 90% of the transactions on Solana contain such verifier information and linked online voting, which DBCryptoX suggests could lead to deep stagnation.

DBCryptoX also claimed that the network outage lasted 20 hours, because the verifier had to take a very long time to go offline (such as DISCORD's messaging system) to reach and agree (and thus reach a solution).

Current affairs commentators in DBCryptoX's initial posts also seem to disagree with this basic theory.

Alex Kroger, a developer at Solana-Powered Wallet Phantom, suggests that the network outage may not be the only reason, and that risk verifiers need a lot of network communication to achieve verification.

Although the network was restarted late on February 25th, one member of the digital currency community was tired of Solana's frequent Internet outages.

Cointelegraph contacted Solana Labs for comment but did not receive a text message at the time of the release.