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Trezor to produce chips for hardware wallets to shorten supply cycle

Trezor wants to respond quickly to demand-triggering events like the FTX collapse by taking control of wallet chip production.

Trezor, a maker of hardware wallets, is speeding up production of the latest Trezor wallets by making its own silicon chips.

Trezor officially announced on February 27th that the company would begin to help with the production of chip wrappers, the core components of its flagship Trezor Model T.

The move aims to significantly increase Trezor wallet production, reducing the lead time of the delivery cycle from two years to a few months.

The upgrade will also clear up delays in the delivery of manufactured goods and protect customers from price adjustments based on supply and demand for spare parts, Trezor said. As previously reported, after the collapse of FTX in November 2022, the need for Trezor wallets soared by at least 300%, as investors scrambled to move their login passwords out of the central password trading center.

A spokesman for Trezor noted that a new chip will be implemented professionally for the company's Trezor T model specification, but other Trezor wallets will not be affected. The representative said: "Model One has a different type of chip and will not be affected by the chip disaster." We plan to unify future models of chips so that each chip can be equipped with our own new chip. "

The spokesman stressed that Trezor estimated that the price of the new wallet would not be affected by the change, and said:

"now the best period of chip prices seems to be over, and the price of our own chips is similar to that of mass production chips. But the obvious advantage is that we can solve all the hidden chip shortage in the future, will not raise the price, will not delay the supply. "

Before becoming the wallet chipmaker of Model T, Trezo relied on the chipmaker STMicroelectronics, which was related to some supply system vulnerabilities because of many factors, such as the influence of the international situation, the labor shortage caused by novel coronavirus, the current situation of the login password market, and other things. By adjusting the supply of wallet chips, Trezor can respond quickly to every factor and meet the requirements in a timely manner.

According to the disassembly steps, we can identify the industries we can manipulate and collaborate with our partners STMicroelectronics in innovative ways to make manufacturing as flexible as possible, "said Chief operating Officer SpellP á n Uherik.

The new business model provides more design options for Trezor's future products, allowing wallet service providers to start building wallet machines with hardware again.

A year ago, Tropic Square, a startup run by Satoshi Labs, Trezor's parent company, launched a new open source chip called TROPIC01. The chip gives the key generation, data encryption, signature and verification to the customer according to the digital identification mode. It is reported that Trezzo became the first customer of this product in the subtropical city square.

The chosen mode of operation is unique and can be used when necessary. First of all, as a manufacturer, there is a high and minimum order quantity, and secondly, customers must have special skills in packaging semiconductor material devices, "said Tom á semiconductor Pokorn Axy, sales director of STMicroelectronics.

Trezor first announced plans to work with Tropic Square to manipulate wallet chip manufacturing in May 2020 for a number of reasons, including certification of expensive chip suppliers by government departments. According to Trezzo, the state acknowledges that the current policy "excludes individual companies and open source software from the industry."

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