What are the advantages of Bitcoin in international trade?

Feb 02, 2023 | wjb news

The main idea driving Bitcoin growth is the need for financial freedom. Digital currency provides users with an alternative payment system, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional methods. As for international payment, traditional methods have many problems, such as slow transaction processing and poor information security left by users. If you are involved in international trade, Bitcoin is your best choice because it overcomes many challenges faced by standard payment methods. There are many advantages to using this digital currency. Some of them are discussed here.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin in international trade?

Are you looking for a convenient payment solution to solve the standard payment problem? Bitcoin can help you because it has many advantages, including:

User autonomy

One of the advantages of using Bitcoin in international transactions is that it gives you the autonomy you deserve. User autonomy of Bitcoin is possible because the blockchain system supports this kind of digital currency. Because Bitcoin lacks the support of the government and other intermediaries, users spend money without any control. No one dictates what they can or cannot do with their money. However, this is not the case with traditional payment systems where banks must verify transactions.

Many international business dealers are always eager to have a payment solution, so that they can have the opportunity to trade with minimal supervision. Thanks to Bitcoin, you can control your resources more independently than ever before.


Bitcoin transactions are discrete, and the purchase has nothing to do with personal identity. This is similar to cash purchase, no one can connect the transaction with you. Caution is a key factor that many people desire when buying specific products online, such as Magic Mushroom and CBD. Through anonymity, the blockchain ensures the privacy and confidentiality of users when conducting transactions.

Peer focus

In standard commercial transactions, third parties such as legal representatives, brokers and agents may increase costs and complexity, otherwise it is a simple solution in the ideal case. The fees can be commissions, brokerage fees and other department fees.

However, users on the Bitcoin network do not need to rely on the approval of a third party for transactions. Trading is a one-to-one thing that takes place on a peer-to-peer platform, eliminating the existence of intermediaries. This is important because you do not need any external agencies to make or receive payments. Point to point not only makes the transaction fast, but also makes the price reasonable.

Ability to pay

The standard payment system will incur a series of expenses, leading to an increase in overall transaction costs. Keep in mind that these transactions go through a third party, such as a bank, and you must pay a fee to enable them to verify your transaction.

On the other hand, Bitcoin transactions are cheap and sometimes free. If you are an international trader, you will find that Bitcoin is a convenient payment system with lower cost. Compared with the standard payment fee, the incidental expenses marked with "manufacturer" or "receiver" can be ignored. With blockchain peer-to-peer technology, you will definitely have more money in your pocket when making international payments.

Lack of exchange rate

When dealing with international sellers and buyers from multiple countries, you have to deal with many exchange rate issues. However, if everyone uses Bitcoin, the headache of countless exchanges will not be on you, because you are facing an equivalent parallel currency. This makes your transaction not only affordable, but also convenient.

mobile payment

Nowadays, many people like to trade on the road. With your smartphone or tablet, you can trade Bitcoin anywhere. The best thing about virtual currency is that you don't need to provide your information to complete the transaction. In addition, you can use specific software, such as instant bitcoin applications, for fast bitcoin transactions and transactions.


Unlike standard systems that may exclude some people from the system, Bitcoin is open to everyone. With a smartphone or a computer, everything is fine. Therefore, if you lack credit/debit cards or other payment solutions, Bitcoin is ready to facilitate.

Rapid capital flow

When using traditional payment systems, it may take several days to remit and collect money from overseas. However, one of the main advantages of Bitcoin is that sellers and buyers can get cash at any time. Bitcoin transfer is real-time, but the blockchain takes about 10 minutes to verify the transaction. Therefore, with the Bitcoin platform, you can eliminate the risk of wasting time and conduct business seamlessly.

In depth record

Transaction records are critical to any enterprise. However, some businessmen do not have the knowledge and time to keep records. These enterprises may also lack sufficient resources to hire professionals such as accountants. Here, Bitcoin begins to save the situation. The system is supported by blockchain technology and can create accurate, secure, verifiable and easy to track records. Many international companies like Maersk are exploring the possibility of piloting blockchain freight tracking systems.

Don't worry about refunds

When dealing with international sellers and suppliers, you may encounter the risk that the payment will be returned on the standard platform. You may lack the resources to get your money. International buyers and sellers have defrauded many enterprises through this strategy. The good news is that Bitcoin has overcome this challenge, because the buyer must have cash in his Bitcoin account to make the transaction go smoothly. When conducting Bitcoin transactions, you do not anticipate the risk of settlement cancellation.


Due to information disclosure, standard payment systems are prone to security vulnerabilities. When trading on these platforms, you should always pay attention to the dangers they bring to your bank account. A fraudster may steal your identity and use it for immoral activities.

Fortunately, Bitcoin has overcome the security challenges by using a blockchain technology to encrypt your personal and financial information and conceal it from malicious individuals. In addition, you are not obligated to provide your personal and financial information when trading on the Bitcoin system. Therefore, no third party will access your information when making international payments. This gives you peace of mind when trading on the Bitcoin system.

Become an early adopter

Bitcoin is an innovative online remittance and collection method that many people have not yet accepted. Therefore, when you choose a platform, you join a group of early adopters, which makes you ahead of the competition, just like many customer enterprises that embrace innovation. Such customers will have a good opinion of your brand.

Lack of barriers

Due to multiple barriers, many enterprises do not participate in international trade. Bitcoin removes these barriers and allows many enterprises to conduct international trade. Therefore, if you have been avoiding international trade due to multiple restrictions, Bitcoin opens the door to opportunities for you. You can do business with the least interference from Big Brother.

Decentralized valuation

One of the main advantages of trading with Bitcoin is that it is not affiliated with any central bank. Cryptocurrency lacks government support and is not affected by government fiscal policies. In difficult times, the government may make policies that lead to more money being printed. This may lead to inflation, leading to the devaluation of your stock investment. For Bitcoin, according to its code, the maximum mining amount is 21 million. This predictability is crucial for individuals seeking the best currency and providing the best inflation hedge for themselves. If you are engaged in international trade, Bitcoin is the best system to hedge against inflation risks.

Great opportunities for individuals without bank accounts

Just over a third of the population do not have access to banking solutions, which excludes them from the financial services of these institutions. Individuals without bank accounts may turn to harmful loan solutions to enhance their position, which may worsen their situation.

Fortunately, Bitcoin includes such individuals in formal financial solutions. Through smart phones or tablets, you can use Bitcoin to facilitate payment, whether you are engaged in international business or local business. The biggest advantage of this collection or payment method is that it is easy to use. So you don't need to have a lot of knowledge to use this service. On the international and domestic stage, there are a variety of software to promote Bitcoin solutions to a wider audience.

Bitcoin also offers a variety of opportunities to promote your business in a wide range. Therefore, in addition to being a payment solution, it also provides many opportunities that you need to take advantage of. With these various opportunities, Bitcoin is indeed a method that will completely change the financial landscape and connect and empower many individuals. Thanks to Bitcoin, everyone has the opportunity to participate in international trade and live a decent life.


The above content mainly explains the advantages of Bitcoin trading. Because of the complexity of international trade, many people do not participate in international trade. A major obstacle for individuals who want to participate in cross-border trade is the means of payment. The standard approach may not be practical, especially for small businesses that want to participate in this form of business. The good news, however, is that Bitcoin simplifies this transaction. Many businessmen can now sell their services in the international market.