What is the DeFi Kingdom? How does the DeFi Kingdom work?

Feb 01, 2023 | wjb news

What is the DeFi Kingdom? How does the DeFi Kingdom work? Since the epidemic, the popularity and usage of blockchain games have increased. These games are built on the popular blockchain, provide functions that are not available in traditional games, and provide additional opportunities for players to make money. Several games stand out when discussing blockchain games, especially DeFi Kingdom, Axie Infinity and Splinterlands. What is the DeFi Kingdom? Let's learn about the DeFi Kingdom.

What is the DeFi Kingdom?

DeFi Kingdom is a popular winning game designed around NFTs and its native currency JEWEL. The game is based on a harmonious agreement. All transactions in the game are conducted with gem tokens. Here are some things you should know about the DeFi Kingdom game.

How does the DeFi Kingdom work?

DeFi Kingdom is popular because it combines DEX and fantasy scenes. The game is still under development, but there are some established functions. Players can use gems and a token to participate. Players need one to pay for fuel when shopping in the game. Then, jewelry tokens need to purchase products in the game and complete specific tasks.

To know how the game works, you must be familiar with some parts of it. For example, in the market is DeFi Kingdom. This is the only place where players can trade jewelry tokens. They can also interact with "traders" and exchange different tokens for jewelry.

In addition, the bank is where players can exchange gems for gems. Therefore, the bank will reward players with xJEWEL equal to the number of gems they have saved. Then divide by the bank ratio at that time.

Third, the garden is the working capital pool of the game. Here, players can bet a pair of two tokens as rewards. They can bet any token they choose with jewelry tokens.

Note: The tavern refers to the NFT market of the game, where players can buy their hero NFT. Then, the portal is where players can exchange two heroes for a new one. Each part of the game is built in an interesting and adventurous way.

When was DeFi Kingdom launched?

DeFi Kingdos was launched on August 22 last year as a DEX with LP agricultural opportunities. The game is still adding more features.

Where to buy DeFi Kingdom?

You can buy jewelry tokens in some crypto exchanges, such as Bitcoin Base and Coin Security. Jewelry contract address is 0x 72 CB 10 c 6 BFA 5624 DD 07 ef 608027 e 366 BD 690048 f.

You can also buy tokens from the game. Log in to the Post DeFi Kingdom and you can use one of your tokens or other harmonious tokens to buy jewelry from merchant Mattoyas in DFK market.

Is DeFi Kingdom free?

DFK is free, but players have to pay transaction fees every time they contact the blockchain. This includes when they create a profile to play. However, these costs are only a fraction.

In general, it introduces the DeFi Kingdom, how the DeFi Kingdom operates, and related issues about the DeFi Kingdom. The DeFi Kingdom is a popular game designed around NFTs and its native currency JEWEL. The DeFi Kingdom is widely welcomed for its integration of DEX and fantasy scenes.